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Picture: AP Photo/Michel EulerSource:APPull up to her bumper!

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Your bf said he wants to because it would be «fun» and he

I found Jordan Pruitt’s which I also listened to, but now I’m after realizing Christina did one too and I listened to them both!This has become a bit of a tangent, but my point is that I made it through and she didn’t. So I guess I have to live my best life for her. ….  Read More

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I recognize you stated that their arguement is situational

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It was a non religious look at the bible as a piece of

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The Hotels are the «Official Hotel Group of UK Athletics and

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You and he were having a punchup in the middle of Central

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During this period, Sly Stone negotiated a production deal

I might not have argued this when Benedict was Pope but now that Pope Francis is leading the Roman Catholic world I wish that he had more influence. I not a Christian but I support Pope Francis greatly, I don agree with all of his ideas or policies but they actually come from a place ….  Read More

Idk if a propellar could work without certain atmospheric

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So, it was only a natural thing for my age to have multiple

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