OP here isn pointing out vote manipulation

canada goose uk black friday On another note Arianna is the real MVP of the family, she always seemed like a really good and sweet kid. Kim was giving me her old RHOA vibes this episode. Also those little kids are really cute, its fun to watch them run around and the chaos they bring.rpetrarcaBye, ….  Read More

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It’s fine jewelry, no matter what it’s called or how it’s

Coun. Andrew Knack said the added service, which will have to be heavily subsidized by taxpayers, is needed because Edmonton taxi situation is from ideal. Whose fault is that? Right, council Council could make the taxi situation better immediately if it instructed the taxi commission to issue more taxi licences and approve peer to peer ….  Read More

He did things there that are crazy awesome

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More people have access to clean water than ever before

uk canada goose This is not acceptable. The hackers and scammers know it very well already, and they are viciously taking advantage of it to rob and scam thousands of people. You can find many posts about it in Reddit.. More people have access to clean water than ever before. Global suicide rates have dropped ….  Read More

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cheap Canada Goose Apparently. What about in Japan? They don vaccinate much anymore due to the rising children death and complications of vaccinations (including autism) and they have seen a HUGE reduction in child death below 6, SIDS/SUID, and, yep, autism. I believe there is a connection, perhaps something being overlooked. cheap Canada Goose Canada ….  Read More

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Hermes Bags Replica That explains the dramatic moves for stocks that were seen as big winners or losers in a Clinton White House. For instance, Wall Street raced on Wednesday to buy up shares of biotech and prison companies two industries Clinton had singled out for attack. The iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF (IBB)soared 9% and ….  Read More

He facetiously said «WOOPSIES!» and made a joke of it

canada goose When he promoted an explicit racist and antisemite on his YouTube channel, he didn apologise for it. He facetiously said «WOOPSIES!» and made a joke of it, while implying the media were out to get him just for accurately reporting what he did.Criticising a piece of shit is not «antagonising» him. It also ….  Read More

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